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Free Printable Doctors Notes

A Fake Doctor’s Note is Your Lifesaver

First,  “What are free doctor’s notes?” you might ask.  Free printable doctors notes are notes that a doctor gives you that excuses you from work or school.  Free doctor’s notes can vary from a handwritten doctor’s note to a computer printed doctor’s excuse on letterhead.  Doctor’s notes can even come on a pad like prescriptions, so that the doctor providing the excuse can simply check a box and sign his or her name. Make your own fake doctor’s note from article.

Try going to a feature to get the best fake doctor’s note.

Many online providers will make you pay for a “novelty” doctor’s notes.  And the doctor’s excuse they sell you will invariably not have a real doctor’s signature.  Some doctor’s excuses will not be signed at all, others will be signed by a bogus signature like “Doctor Needs T. Imeoff”

It is not likely that any employer paying half attention would accept a doctor’s excuse like this. Still, these pay-for-excuse sites will be happy to sell you a doctor’s excuse, regardless if you could actually use it or not — effectively stealing your hard-earned pay.  Look at a quote by one of these purveyors of these “novelty” items:

If you’re only interested in getting right to the free doctor’s excuses, click here to see some free doctor’s notes, or click here for better quality doctor’s excuses

“Millions of Americans work dead-end jobs, and sometimes they just need a day off, People are going to lie anyway. How many people go visit their doctors every day when they’re not sick because they just need a note?”

J. L.
Co-Founder Popular Online Doctors Excuse Site

Dr Notes Are Common

1There are a number of news articles (Naples News Naples News article about online doctor's excuses, Redding.Com Redding.Com article about online notes, MSNBC article about online excused absence notes) highlighting the practice of “novelty” doctors excuse forms. While many people immediately view the service they provide as lying, and even tantamount to forgery, as evidenced above, free printable doctors excuses can sometimes reduce the cost of unnecessary doctors visits merely to get a “legitimate” note from the doctor.  With health care costs skyrocketing, and even professionals questioning Online LISTSERV discussion regarding novelty doctor's notes their industry’s practices, its no wonder the term doctors excuse frequently topssearch engine keyword lists Yahoo!s Buzz Log.

Still, the excuse that “everybody’s” doing it is little comfort to those who try to push the envelope with a fake doctors excuse.  Such as the New Jersey woman cited in WTOP news Online article at WTOP regarding fake excused absences formswho was arrested after using one of these online doctors notes.

Still, the convenience of taking time off with your employer’s blessing by using a doctors excuse is too easy for some people to resist, as described in some online message boards:

“Hell yes. I would use one in a hurry. Being in a salaried position with a drill sergeant for a boss, where you put in extra hours without any OT pay, work weekends as well as take the work home with you, I could easily use one without any guilt.”

Take time off from your school or work with a fake doctor’s note.

in an MSNBC online discussion


I personally would never use such a service, but if you want to use one for novelty or fun, more power to you. Of course, a certain amount of caution should be applied — while HIPPA regulations may prevent your employer from checking on your medical status, using these fake or novelty notes for paid leave is ethically unsound, read more about it by clicking here to read on the Legal Ramifications of fake doctors excuse forms. And if you are a daredevil and try to use these in open court — it is a sure-fire way to earn you at the very least a contempt-of-court citation, and very likely see some jail time if you used a real doctor’s name.